"Create a personal dialogue with your
environment. Talk to it. And listen to
what it has to say."

-Eugénia Au Kim

Natural. Functional. Inspirational.



Precise, balanced space planning. Elegant, luxurious interior design. Beautiful, exotic custom cabinetry. These are the hallmarks of InteriorsOTH, the Hamptons premier interior design firm.

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"Begin everything you do with passion."

-Eugénia Au Kim

Living Rooms

Your living room is a celebration of life. A place to come together with friends and family, to escape the daily pressures, to enjoy all that comes your way.

"The bedroom should be your sanctuary,
a place to retreat from the world."

-Eugénia Au Kim


Soothing, settling and rejuvenating, the bedroom is your haven — with the colors, styles and ambiance to give you a fabulous start and finish to each day.

"It's important when a person comes home after
a challenging day of business… that it feels good."

-Eugénia Au Kim


For all you do, the bathroom is your place to relax, unwind and reinvigorate. It's your personal luxury, so enjoy!

"Awaken all five senses on a daily basis."

-Eugénia Au Kim


The kitchen and dining room are the lifeblood of your home. The places where families gather, friends share and everyone appreciates the savory things in life.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors.
We borrow it from our children."


Outside In

A home in balance should be a seamless integration of interior and exterior, with outdoor rooms as functional, comfortable and enjoyable as indoor spaces.

Our Portfolio

Get inspired with our work that blends harmony,
balance, luxury and comfort for homes, apartments,
offices, pied–à–terres and other spaces.

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    With a unique range of services that includes interior design, space planning
    and custom cabinetry, we bring residential and commercial environments to life.

    Custom Cabinetry

    It's your unique space, and our unique vision for custom cabinetry complements,
    highlights and enhances that space.

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    Space Planning

    Breathtaking design begins with a bold vision and meticulous
    architectural planning of the entire space.

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