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Form and Functional, Naturally

Since 1988, we’ve been considered the Hamptons most prestigious interior design firm. From nature, our interior designers draw inspiration to create peaceful, serene and relaxing environments that rejuvenate the soul.


We offer interior design, space planning and custom cabinetry. We’re also renowned for locating and designing with original home furnishings from around the world.


“Every spirit builds itself a house, and beyond its house a world, and beyond its world a heaven. Know then that world exists for you.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson


In today’s frenetic world, you deserve an environment that lets you go within, be your true self and share your love of life with friends and family.


At InteriorsOTH, we blend the ancient philosophies of balance and harmony with the classic principles of interior design and architectural space planning.


Incorporated into our designs is a deep respect for the earth. We’re passionate about using natural materials, and we maintain a strong social consciousness by incorporating nature’s elements.


“No Nà Mamo … For our future generations.” Hawaiian saying

Your home is your sanctuary

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Balance and harmony personified: Meet Eugénia

The East Hampton Star and elsewhere, interior designer Eugénia Au Kim breathes life into the homes, summer homes and corporate spaces of fashionistas, company presidents and trend–setting families.


Earning degrees in engineering and art from Columbia and F.I.T., Eugénia began her interior design career at a New York City architectural firm. In 1984, she partnered with New York City home furnishings expert Ely Horen, whose showroom in the Decorator and Design Building was renowned for high–end fabrics, custom furniture and custom window treatments. Based on the combined experience of Eugénia and Ely, InteriorsOTH is a unique interior design firm that embraces both interior design projects and home furnishings.


“Always be looking. Notice the ground below your feet.” –Eugénia Au Kim

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The fabric of your home: Meet Ely

With a lifetime of experience in home furnishings and fabrics, Ely Horen is InteriorsOTH’s creative director, business manager and personal cornerstone. Both inspired and driven, Ely opened a showroom in New York City’s famous Decorator and Design Building, earning a stellar reputation for custom orders. There he met interior designer Eugénia Au Kim. They so admired each other’s work they decided to form their Hamptons interior design company. Ely’s production background, interior design education and proven business skills make him the perfect partner, according to Eugénia.


“You’ve made our home just beautiful; we can’t stop reveling in it. How did you do this? The rooms have been transformed so quietly yet so powerfully. We cannot believe how different the flow of the house is – it actually flows. There are things you did we NEVER would have known to do that transformed the space. This is total coziness. This is now home.”

-Chuck and Susan Willis, Owners, The Cutting Room, a NYC Film Production Company. Hamptons home, NYC 

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