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-Hawaiian saying

“No Nà Mamo …

For our future generations.”

Defining your style

From pied–à–terres to 20,000 square–foot havens, we design interiors that are a perfect balance of functional harmony and natural beauty.


To achieve this balance, we:


        Delve into client needs, preferences and personal style.

        Meet with clients regularly to review furnishings and room designs.

        Establish an ongoing dialog on lifestyle and personality to narrow the elements and design decisions.

        Create a detailed blueprint on space design, color and texture.

In today’s frenetic world, you deserve an environment that lets you go within, be your true self and share your love of life with friends and family.


At InteriorsOTH, we blend the ancient philosophies of balance and harmony with the classic principles of interior design and architectural space planning.


Incorporated into our designs is a deep respect for the earth. We’re passionate about using natural materials, and we maintain a strong social consciousness by incorporating nature’s elements.

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